Looking for an easy way to grow your Coaching Business? Breakthrough shortcut reveals...

"How To Grow Your Coaching Practice Online...Without Being a Great Internet Marketer

By combining a rainmaking mindset with a simple Internet tool, you may be able to grow a six figure coaching practice using your cell phone...In the time it takes to order a coffee at Starbucks”
Suzi Pomerantz Web 2.0 For Business Coaching Practice Growth Suzi Pomerantz, Executive Coach and Author of Seal the Deal has spent hundreds of hours fine tuning this new social media tool to make it her marketing robot; tirelessly growing, meeting and attracting new clients, strategic alliances and great media exposure.

By: Suzi Pomerantz

Is it possible to add another pillar to your coaching business with a single text message?

You decide after reading below.

Listen: In 1440 Gutenberg invented the printing press. Instead of monks hand writing books to duplicate human knowledge, one person could pump out more books in a day than every monk in the world could create in a month.

With the invention of the steam engine, raw goods hauled by hundreds of men and horses could be whisked away by a few men, who knew how to run the train.

A new internet tool has replaced the grunt work of cold calling and networking with a steam engine. Take a look at this.

There are truckloads of things you can do with all the new internet tools out there.    

 My expertise is on networking for the purpose of growing your coaching business.    

So if you're not hip to that, this information is not for you.  On the other hand, if you’re looking for shortcuts to coaching success then keep reading

Is this your new VP of marketing Learn how this bird can become your marketing mule and build you a valuable rolodex of business contacts

You probably (just like me) have zero time for fooling around. So if I’m going to learn something new it has to be something that...

...Saves me time and makes real money!

I also want the potential to reach a huge audience.

Those criteria eliminate a few options.

Here they are:  Linkedin is the desert in the whole social networking scene. Because once someone adds you it’s rare they go back to your page.

And there is little leverage of your time. It’s more like an online resume you send people to, after you meet them. It takes inordinate amounts of time to answer and post questions, and after 3 years on it, I’ve only got a few hundred links.  

Facebook.   The biggest problem is...a limit of 5,000 friends.  And it’s inferior at growing a following because you have to manually add friends.  

So what’s left?   Twitter, of course!  My favorite of all the tools available to coaches.  

Listen: On April 10, 2008, James Buck, a journalism student at UC Berkley, and his translator, Mohammed Maree, were arrested in Egypt for photographing an anti-government protest. 

Jail Break!

On his way to the police station Buck used his mobile phone to send the message “Arrested” to just 48 “followers” on Twitter.

His followers contacted UC Berkeley, the US Embassy in Cairo, and a number of press organizations on his behalf. Buck sent updates about his condition to his “followers” while being detained.

He was released the next day from the Mahalla jail after the college hired a lawyer for him. Real Time Terrorist Reporting! During the violent terrorist attack in Mumbai (November 26 2008).   

Live news about what was going in the middle of a vicious gunfight was coming not from CNN or FOX or even the Indian News source.  People stuck in the crossfire relayed messages to Twitter.   

Because of the special way Twitter is designed, those messages got knocked around the internet like a pinball;  lighting up news sites and email chatter all over the globe.

This same viral effect is the source of Twitter’s power in growing your business.  You can search (just like using Google) conversations you can jump into to find clients, other coaches, favourite authors, thought leaders or find a way to get media exposure.   

With Twitter your list of followers grows...automatically. 

Like roots on a tree, if your mindset is right, your messages reach out grab readers interested in what you have to say (who you can sell to, set up business alliances with or get media exposure).   

Unlike LinkedIn and Facebook, your relationships on Twitter need not be reciprocal.  That’s the great secret of its power!   Take a look at this.   

Did you know according the International Communications Union there are an estimated 4.1 billion cell phone users (4,100,000,000)?     

And Twitter is designed so you can take part and read the giant worldwide conversation from a phone.  

Do you see what's going on here?

You can tap into business conversations, with a text message from your cell phone... from anywhere you can get a signal.  

You can be riding in a chair lift in Aspen(one of my followers did).  

You can be lying on a beach in Santa Domingo and capturing an audience.

You can be camping with the kids and send out a message to boomerang through planet earth’s real time conversations and come back with friends, clients and business relationships attached.

You can stay in touch with valuable business contacts while golfing. One person I twitter with...

...Closed a $25,000 coaching deal

And get this. The media hunts Twitter for stories.

It’s become one of the most fertile farms for fresh, news worthy stories. If you want media exposure, tie what your business does to a recent news event and you will have journalists knocking at your digital door.

I’ve already had three requests for radio interviews from using Twitter. In my first week of using Twitter, Matt (who tracks my web traffic) called me up and said... “Oh my god, what have you been doing this week? You’re getting all this new traffic from Twitter, about three times the traffic to your site as normal!”.

 And I was a raw rookie, not even applying the things I’m going to reveal to you.

If you're not sure of what you're doing...if you don't know how to dance the fine line between promotion and being a pest, you can lose friends...and be the person at the party everyone wishes would leave.

Your list of business contacts grows automatically like roots on a tree
Your network of contacts grows like roots on a tree if you're Twittering properly

On the other hand, with the right mindset you can be the life of the party and strategically grow your business.

I've been merging the networking, marketing and sales secrets I wrote in my book "Seal the Deal", combined it with Twitter and created a... Networking tool on steroids Networking the old way is like digging a pool with a spoon.

 Networking using my Twitter way is like using a backhoe! It's also fun. I sparked a chat with M.C. Hammer. Yes. The rapping M.C. Hammer with the cool pants.

I believe (as do some of the top marketers on the internet) this new tool being unleashed on the world can...

Be The Easiest Source for Referrals...

New Clients...

Media Exposure...

An Easy Tool For Positioning Yourself As An Expert...

And A Magnet For Key Strategic Business Alliances

Here’s an example of just how you can go about doing it:

After you listen to my Twitter Quick Start Program, you’ll start building a following rather quickly. Think of your following as a fruit tree you can pull business from (if you’re hip to the techniques of growing it).

Here’s one thing you can do RIGHT NOW to harvest from your Twitter tree and generate business:

Create a provocative message (called a tweet) promoting your unique idea. Make it a story, or problem with a solution.

You can do this with a text message from your cell phone like this...

“My new eBook free for Twitter folks only: Learn Why You Aren’t Rich Yet”

Valuable messages like this get passed through Twitter (without any work on your own) like a baton as your followers tell their followers who tell their followers and so on!.

Soon your message ripples and spreads like a virus. And if it has a link (careful… it needs to be structured in the special way revealed below), you’ll have people heading to your web page where they can request your book (which contains your pitch for a coaching consultation).

Soon you’ll have inquiries rolling in! Will it always work like this?


Nothing is 100%.

Twitter is like a garden. If you know how to nourish it, you’ll grow something valuable. And, you can send out tweets to harvest your rewards whenever you want, with just a couple of minutes of texting every few days.

Watch out, though…there ARE pitfalls! For instance: One of the first things Twitter asks you to do should be ignored or you risk humiliation.

I learned lessons like this after burning through hundreds of hours of time, learning the ropes, making mistakes and figuring out how to market and network using this fascinating tool. And I want to hand it to you so you don’t have to go through all the guesswork I did.

Twitter is NOT intuitive, as I learned the hard way. Now, I’m having so much fun with it, I put together a teleseminar on “How To Use Twitter To Market and Grow Your Coaching Practice”. And I recorded it!

And for a little while it's available to you in mp3.

Here's a sample of what you'll discover:

As a coach not only will this help you get clients, if you're a business coach this will give you another weapon in helping your clients.

For example: A bakery Twitters to its customers when freshly baked cookies are coming out of the oven and they create a stampede of in store traffic...on command.

You can be a genius to some small businesses for getting them set up.

Lets get to business.  As a coach your time is worth serious cash. Wasted hours fiddling with Twitter robs you of a small fortune. Not so if you follow the trail I blazed, which is revealed in my Twitter For Coaches - Get Going Now Tutorial.

It’s over an hour of meaty material and it comes with a report on all the key material covered and gives a list of time saving (free) software. It’s yours (instantly) for the investment of $15 and the teleseminar comes with a great guarantee. Hurry, the price will go back up to $47 soon!

After ordering the product, you'll get a friendly email from me with a link to your purchase. Download it, and start listening to it:

90 Days To Make 10 Times Your Investment Or I’ll Refund Every Penny

If you have done everything suggested in the teleseminar and diligently moved forward applying the strategies I’ll teach you and still…

If you haven't made any new business connections, with just a few minutes of your time each day....

...if you haven't found you saved yourself hours of your precious time, by learning from my mistakes....

...if you haven't got your investment back, then simply send me an email to suzi at innovativeleader.com and I'll give you a prompt and courteous refund.

No questions asked. You need to get on this fast because good, memorable Twitter names (you'll learn about them in my course) are getting snatched up every day.

They are like real estate and you need to get in before other people catch on to this incredible tool. If a new client is more important to you than the tiny investment for this easy to follow tutorial then here's how to order:

When you click on the order button below, you’ll be taken to a form where you fill out your credit card information. (I will never see the information it’s all run through our secure merchant account.) When you’re finished the product gets instantly delivered.

90 day full money back guarantee

YES Suzi! I'd like to learn how to use Twitter to get more clients, build up my reputation and become a mini celebrity. (And have fun and meet cool new people in the process).

I understand I have a full 90 days to try Twitter your way Suzi. If I haven't developed a business connection worth 10 times the tele-seminar price, I can just email you at suzi at innovativeleader.com and I'll get a prompt and courteous refund.

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Thanks for being you!



Suzi Pomerantz

P.S. I’m here for you. After you order and get going, if you have any questions about how to use Twitter for networking and marketing for coaches, you can get a hold of me by phone, email or through Twitter.

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